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Sergio Castro workshop

We are pleased to announce that Sergio Castro will be our guest teacher at the Scherzo workshop that wil take place from the 10th of the 12th of January 2020.

Written: Thursday November 28th, 12:12pm 2019

New academic year 2019-2020

The new academic year will start on the 9th of September. Dates for the whole year can be found in ""Activities"".

Written: Thursday August 29th, 7:41pm 2019

Private lessons Schedule April-June, 2020

Dear parents,

April-June private lessons schedule is available in ""Activities""

Written: Thursday April 18th, 1:51am 2019

Activities resume on Mon, 3rd of Feb

After the cancellations due to the snowy weather conditions, lessons will resume from Monday, the 3rd of February.

Written: Sunday February 3rd, 5:56pm 2019

Group lessons cancelled! (1st of February, 2019)

Due to severe weather conditions, tomorrow group lessons (1st of Feb) are cancelled and will be made up next term.
Please, check first with your teacher if you are supposed to have any private lesson tomorrow.

Written: Thursday January 31st, 10:11pm 2019

London: Jan-April timetable

The Fridays timetable for the London branch is already available in activities.
Please observe that there are dates where different timetables apply. Please check it thoroughly.

Written: Monday January 21st, 12:18pm 2019

Dates academic year 2018-19

Dates for the academic year 2018-19 can be checked in ""Activities""

Written: Tuesday July 24th, 11:16pm 2018

Lessons update

Since weather conditions are much less severe than in previous days, lessons will take place as usual from Monday the 5th of March

Written: Sunday March 4th, 10:23pm 2018

No group lessons today, 2nd of March

Due to severe weather conditions, there will be NO group lessons today. As per my last email, please contact your teacher if you have any private lesson today.

Keep checking emails and this website for new updates.

Written: Friday March 2nd, 8:44am 2018

Dates Jan-June 2018

Dates for the next two terms are available in "Activities"

Written: Thursday December 14th, 12:08pm 2017

Group lessons Sept 2017

Dates, timetables, and lists for the group lessons have been updated in ""Activities""

Written: Wednesday September 27th, 11:44am 2017

Dates new Academic year

The dates for the new academic year (2017-18) can be checked in ""Activities""

Written: Wednesday August 23rd, 11:08am 2017

Group lessons in Henley

Group lessons in Henley will start on October the 1st. The number of group lessons per term is the same for both branches in London and Henley. Consequently, students in Henley will have additional group lessons in December.
The parents' meeting remains on the 17th of September.

Written: Saturday September 3rd, 8:54pm 2016

Dates New academic year 2016-2017

Dates can be checked in "Activities"

Written: Monday August 29th, 8:05pm 2016

Studio Forcada is moving to the Music Complex

Studio Forcada is moving to the Mill Hill Music Complex (Bunns Lane Works, Bunns Ln, Edgware, London NW7 2AJ). Private lessons will start at this venue from the 2nd of May.

Written: Tuesday April 26th, 10:37pm 2016

New Term April-June 2016

Timetables and dates for the new term can be checked in ""Activities""

Written: Sunday April 10th, 10:36am 2016

Dates April-June 2016

The dates for the new term can be checked in ""Activities""

Written: Thursday March 17th, 11:53am 2016

Group lessons Jan 2016

The timetable for group lessons from January 2016 is the same as last term and can be found on ""Activities"". Please check the group list, as some children might have moved to a different group.

Written: Wednesday January 20th, 2:27pm 2016

Group lessons Jan 2016

The timetable for the group lessons from January, 2016, is the same as last term and can be checked in ""Activities"". Please check the group list, as some children might have moved to a different group.

Written: Wednesday January 20th, 2:26pm 2016

Next term

Next term will start on the 4th of January.
Half term: 15th to 21st of February.
More dates coming soon

Written: Thursday November 26th, 1:18pm 2015

Dates Sept-Dec 2015

Dates for the Autumn term (Setp-Dec 2015) are available in the ""Activities"" tab.

Written: Thursday June 18th, 12:35pm 2015

Next term

Private lessons start on the 13th of April. Parents meeting on the 17th and the first group lesson will take place on the 24th.

Written: Wednesday April 8th, 3:57pm 2015

Doctor degree

Claudio's thesis on effective violin pedagogy has been awarded with a PhD at the Birmingham City University…continue reading

Doctor degree

Written: Thursday January 15th, 12:23pm 2015

NCO (National Children Orchestra of Great Britain)

Congratulations to Tamsyn Baker and Mischa Carr who have been accepted at the NCO after succeeding at their auditions.

NCO (National Children Orchestra of Great Britain)

Written: Monday December 8th, 11:46pm 2014

Scherzo 2015 !!

Children's workshop (3rd-4th, Jan)
Teachers' seminar (2nd-4th, Jan)
Brochures available upon request.
More info on Facebook (Studio Forcada)

Written: Saturday October 11th, 11:56pm 2014

Upcoming workshops

In October, Claudio will be giving workshops on pedagogy in Alicante, Baza and Granada (all of them in Spain). Violin private lessons will be available in Alicante. Further information in 'Pedagogy' as well as in our Facebook site (Studio Forcada).

Written: Wednesday October 1st, 2:47pm 2014

Summer workshops 2014

As every Summer, Claudio is giving workshops for teachers and children all around Europe: (Canfranc-Spain-; French Alps; London -UK-; Malaga -Spain-; Dublin -Ireland-, Bryanston -UK-). For further info you can check the 'Pedagogy' tab in this website and our Facebook page -Studio Forcada-).

Written: Monday July 14th, 9:16am 2014

National Children Orchestra

Congratulations to Gabriella Bavetta (Aged 9) who has been awarded with one of the four scholarships that Leverhulme Trust generously gives to the four most outstanding auditions of the year for the National Children Orchestra of Great Britain…continue reading

National Children Orchestra

Written: Tuesday December 10th, 11:35am 2013

Workshops on Pedagogy, Dec 2013.

In December Claudio will be giving two workshops for teachers:
-18th/19th: String pedagogy at the Conservatoire in El Puerto de Santamaria, Cádiz, Spain).
-21st/22nd: Music pedagoy at Ad Libitum in Ontinyent (Valencia, Spain).

More info in Facebook (Studio Forcada)

Written: Wednesday December 4th, 1:28pm 2013

Christmas concert

Studio Forcada will be offering a Christmas concert on December the 1st, at 3.30pm at the Abbey Ravencrofts Park Care Home. Works by Vivaldi, Dancla, Perlman, Alfarás, among others, plus some traditional carols.

Written: Wednesday November 27th, 10:07am 2013

ISM Concert

On Sunday, the 10th of November, 18 students from Studio Forcada will perform solo and group pieces by Vivaldi, Alfarás, Dancla and Perlman at a concert organised by the ISM in North London.

Written: Tuesday November 5th, 11:31am 2013

Recognition in El Salvador

Claudio has performed at the Legislative Assembly in El Salvador (Central America). He was honored by the president with a recognition for his contribution to the musical education of the country. The concert was broadcasted for the whole country via TV.

Recognition in El Salvador

Written: Monday September 9th, 8:58pm 2013

Academic year 2013-14

The new term will start on September the 9th (private lessons). The parents meeting will take place on Friday the 13th from 5 to 6pm at the Bishop Douglass School. Group lessons will start on Friday the 20th. Half term: 28th Oct-1st Nov. More info on timetables and groups in the "Activities" tab.

Written: Sunday August 25th, 5:26pm 2013

Master in Performance at the VIU

The Valencian International University has launched a new edition of the Master in Performance where Claudio teaches String Pedagogy, For further information please see the link in "News and Events".

Master in Performance at the VIU

Written: Wednesday July 17th, 12:15am 2013

Highgate music award

Congratulations to Lauren Tang for her success getting the prestigious ""Music Exhibition"" award at the Highgate School in London.

Written: Tuesday February 26th, 5:03pm 2013

National Children Orchestra

Congratulations to Gabriella Bavetta (aged 8) for being accepted at the National Children Orchestra after passing the audition successfully.

Written: Tuesday January 8th, 2:08pm 2013

Strings for Goa concert

Last Dec the 1st, students from Studio Forcada and Cedam (Madrid) gave a successful concert in the Baden Powell Centre (London) to collect moneis for a Suzuki program in the Slums of Goa (India)…continue reading

Strings for Goa concert

More than 70 musicians on stage!

Written: Wednesday December 5th, 9:46am 2012


Gabriella Bavetta (aged 8) has got distinction on her grade 3 exam (ABRSM). congratulations to her and her parents for this success.

Written: Tuesday November 20th, 12:03pm 2012

Research prize

Claudio Forcada has been awarded with the 'Ernest Newman' prize at Birmingham City University for a lecture on string pedagogy and motor learning.

Written: Monday July 9th, 4:11pm 2012

Cello lessons from Sept 2012!

We are very pleased to announce that Melinda Miguel, an experienced performer and Suzuki cello teacher will be joining Studio Forcada from September 2012.

Written: Tuesday June 19th, 2:15pm 2012


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